Exceptional Quality Horse Hay

High Quality Hay Delivered to Your Door

J & J Hay Farms is a top-tier hay merchant with exceptional quality hay. Our hay is cut, dried and square baled or round baled at just the right conditions to create beautiful, nutritionally-rich bales that meet the needs and quality expectations of our customers. When only the best horse hay will do, contact J & J Hay Farms by phone or email.

Shipments of Semi-Loads or Half-Loads

J & J Hay Farms can ship semi-loads or half-loads to your equestrian farm, horse facility or ranch. using our fleet of modern tractor trailers. Every driver is equipped with the latest technology to keep them in constant contact with the central office and the customer. For your convenience,  ‘pup’ trailer half-loads can be dropped and picked up later. Contact Us  for hay shipping availability to your area.

Creating Long Lasting Relationships

At J & J Hay Farms, our guiding principle is to provide customers with consistent quality hay delivered when and where they need it. We know that strong relationships begin with professionalism and integrity, and builds by providing dependable service year-after-year. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about becoming a trusted hay supplier for your equestrian, cattle or dairy business.

What others say about us

Owner, Stillwater Farm, Cashiers, North Carolina

As a Gypsy Vanner breeder responsible for over 25 mares, babies and stallions, it is reassuring to know where my next hay delivery is coming from. J & J Hay Farms not only keeps an inventory (so I don’t have to), but the quality of their hay is always consistent and the prices fair. You get what you pay for and J & J always delivers, literally! I expect the best quality hay for my championship Gypsy Vanners. I depend on J & J and they do not disappoint. Visit Stillwater Farm’s Website.

Owner, Stillwater Farm, Cashiers, North CarolinaBreeder of Gypsy Vanners
Thoroughbred Owner/Breeder

I have found that if my hay is not good, my Thoroughbreds do not maintain good weight.  I switched to J & J Hay Farms Timothy/Alfalfa mix and now my horses keep good weight and need less grain. We also get our straw bedding from J & J Hay Farms. It is clean and dust free so it is for great bedding for our broodmares and foals.

Thoroughbred Owner/BreederFarm Manager
Boarding Barn

I manage a boarding facility with over 40 horses.  In the past, it has been difficult to find quality hay in bulk and sometimes it was difficult to even find horse quality hay at the end of the season. We now buy high quality horse hay by the truckload from J & J Hay Farms at great prices. Now I know I will have enough hay to get us through winter and it will always be of consistent high quality.

Boarding BarnBarn Manager
Owner, Cedar Ridge Farm, Athens, GA

We have a competition horse boarding operation and pay close attention to each individual horse’s nutritional needs. Alan consistently has high quality timothy alfalfa as well as orchard and other grass hay that meets all of our needs. Visit Cedar Ridge Farm’s Website.

Owner, Cedar Ridge Farm, Athens, GACompetition Boarding Operation

Customers We Serve

  • Hunter/Jumper, Dressage and Eventing Horse Farms
  • Top Equine Breeding Facilities
  • University Veterinary Schools
  • Horse Boarding Facilities
  • Cattle Ranches
  • Dairy Farms

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